Making lasting lifestyle change truly takes a village. Here are some of the practitioners I regularly recommend to my clients when they need care that falls outside of my scope of practice:


Dr Melissa Crago at Oakland Life Chiropractic 



Shawne Lopes at Oakland Community Acupuncture



Whitney Moses


Kei Yumoto


Your fit lifestyle will require some new toys to play with and healthy goodies to snack on. Here are some of my faves:

Sometimes you need a treat. A rich chocolatey treat. These little squeeze packs of awesome are great for those moments. Only 3 grams of sugar! Definitely follow the instructions and smoosh the packet around with your fingers. 


This baby keeps your coffee hot and your smoothies cold. It has been essential for my on-the-go life. 


There are innumerable uses for therabands. This pack offers great variety, for everything from corrective exercises to strength moves. They are a fabulous tool that I often recommend to my clients who must travel often for work, as they take up zero space in your suitcase. 

Foam Rollers are the number one product I recommend that my clients own. They can be used to do self-massage, which works wonders for loosening chronically tight muscles and improving your flexibility, and they can be used in Pilates for a number of great core strengthening, balance-improving exercises.