Do you want to stay fit during pregnancy? Are you curious to know what exercises are safe for you and your baby? 

I can help you.

Maintaining your fitness during pregnancy requires 3 things:

1. An honest evaluation of your current fitness level. 

2.  A safe, personalized exercise plan that can adapt to your needs as your body continues to change. 

3. SUPPORT! You need the support of a coach, your friends, and family to encourage you to take time out from your busy schedule to do the things that will keep your body feeling good, your energy levels stable, and help you be as strong as possible for your delivery. 

As a skilled and experienced prenatal fitness coach, I can help you evaluate, plan and stay on track. I am currently offering 30 minute complimentary consultations in person or via video chat. Each consultation will include an assessment, a mini-workout, and goal clarification.

 Fill out the form below to apply for a complimentary consultation. Since we will only have 30 minutes together, I created this questionnaire to help get us going. It is the beginning of step #1: the Honest Evaluation. The more specific you are, the more I will be able to help! 

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Hannah has been awesome. I take Pilates with her and have had personal training. I think the thing that stands out is how much she pays attention to me and not just some formula or plan that should fit most people. She has taken the time to learn what I need.
— Merielle S.
I originally signed up for a personal trainer because I felt that my workout and my motivation needed an extra boost. But I definitely got much much more than that. Working with Hannah gave me confidence in what I could do with my body. Hannah helped me by showing me exercises I wouldn’t have thought I needed, working out areas of my body that supported my posture and helped to change the shape of my body.
— Desi O.
I really like to have a trainer who I feel is on my side. I also wanted someone who would gently but firmly push me, and be picky on my form as well as support me.…Bingo..Hannah was all those things and more. She is wonderfully kind, funny, and supportive. She always makes me feel that I am improving. And with demonstration, verbal and touch cues she shows me how to be better. I feel that I have grown by her guidance and feel more than ever how important it is to have a great trainer
— Patty P.
Hannah is not about making you dependent on her and she is not there to flog you to work harder - her goal is to improve your knowledge of exercise so that you can continue on your own.
— Hannah F