"I used to run, but then my knee started hurting and now my Dr says I can't run anymore..."
"I'm really out of shape, so I'm going to work out on my own for a while. Once I'm a little more fit, I'll work with a trainer/join a gym/start a bootcamp"
"I want to workout, but I just don't have time."
"I know I should work out, but I just don't like exercise!"

Sound familiar? 

If any of those statements ring a bell, some personal training is exactly what you need to get the ball rolling. Together, we can create workouts that challenge you, but honor your limitations. We can take you from couch potato to weekend warrior--safely. We can create fitness routines that fit into your real life, not the imaginary someday where you have all the time in the world. 

We can trouble shoot those motivational road blocks and help you build exercise into your life in a way that is sustainable and even enjoyable!