Small Group Training

Transformation doesn't happen in isolation.

When you are looking to get in shape, it's important to find your team. Motivation can be a fickle friend, but your community can hold you accountable, time and time again.

I co-lead a Small Group Training community with my best friend and chief collaborator, Will Belew, and together we call ourselves The Fitness Alchemists. 

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Nutrition Coaching

Thai seasoned beef bowl, with braised cabbage, avocado and mango #eattherainbow

Thai seasoned beef bowl, with braised cabbage, avocado and mango #eattherainbow

"The best thing about you as a trainer is that you're a real person: you eat bacon, you're silly, and you would never tell me I can't have occasional m&ms." -Sharon B. 

For free nutrition help,  follow by blog. It is equal parts easy recipes (I'm all about efficiency cooking), nutrition philosophy (what matters and why), and practical tips for how to turn knowledge into what matters: daily habits. If you'd like to apply for private nutrition coaching, tell me what you need help with here. 

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Pilates & Strength

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It is good to be strong. 

Most of my clients find their way to me with some combination of these goals: tone up, lose weight, get fit. 

And those things happen. But more importantly, they gain confidence. They feel more comfortable in their own skin. They feel strong. They wake up with more energy in the morning--before the alarm goes off.

The ultimate result: life feels easier. Sound good? Let's get started!

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