Efficiency Workout with a Twist

You guys. I'm tired. Like really tired. 

We have been going furniture shopping every weekend--and let me tell you, IKEA on a Saturday will test the best of us. It might be where humanity goes to die. But we go. Because we have stuff and you need somewhere to artfully store your stuff. Right? 

I started a new job at a Pilates studio in El Cerrito--which is awesome! But there is a lot to learn: getting to know new clients, and completely different equipment than I am used to. Who knew a Pilates reformer could differ so much from brand to brand? 

With all of this energy output, it has been hard to get my own workouts in. All I want to do is sleep. And let me tell you, my workout buddy provides NO help. 

Sleep all the sleeeeeps

Sleep all the sleeeeeps

Today, I resisted the urge to just snuggle TrashCat and nap forever, and instead worked out! I opted for efficiency and simplicity. Here's what I did:

8 TRX Single Leg Squats (per leg)

10 TRX Low Rows

15 Kettlebell Swings with my trusty 35lb KB (her name is Maureen!)

5 Pushups to Down Dog

3 rounds

And then I did something weird. I decided to take a savasana. For those unfamiliar (which I'm betting is not most of you, but just in case) a savasana is a short rest, where you lie on your mat in meditative stillness, usually found at the end of a yoga class. It is a chance to honor your body for what it has just done, reflect on your practice, and quiet your mind. 

I went to an incredible yoga class at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco last Tuesday, and was reminded how much the right kind of mindful exercise can help calm your nerves and ease your mind.

Grace Cathedral - 600 people attend the donations-based yoga class on Tuesdays!

Grace Cathedral - 600 people attend the donations-based yoga class on Tuesdays!

I left that class feeling renewed energy, but not the frenetic over-caffeinated kind I had been running on since we landed in California a month ago. It was a quiet, balanced, grounded energy. And my mind was clear. I could easily follow one train of thought, rather than flitting from one to another. And it got me thinking--why can't every workout help bring that kind of renewal?

So I'm experimenting! I'll keep you posted on how it goes. Do you exercise for mental health? Please share any strategies that work well for you in the comments.