Cooking vs. Baking

Confession: I love to cook, but I never got good at baking.

Baking is scientific and exact. It requires precise measurements. Exact (and consistent) oven temperatures. Perfect balance of wet to dry ingredients. 



And worst of all, you have to mix all the things together, put them in the oven, and then just wait and hope you did it right. For an HOUR. Who has that kind of patience? Not this gal. 


Now, cooking on the other hand, is much more my style. All you need is a recipe to use as your blueprint, an adventurous spirit, and to trust your taste buds and your nose. 

For example, take this quick and easy stir fry recipe from


You can pick whatever delicious vegetables YOU like best: don't like green beans?  Add more broccoli instead. The recipe called for onions, but you only have shallots in your kitchen? Throw 'em in! It's still gonna be awesome. Unlike baking, you can smell and taste as you go, adding more of whatever flavor is missing (more salt, more tangy, more sweet.)


Best of all, dinner is ready in 30mins. TOTAL. 


But Hannah, you're a trainer, not a chef. What does all this culinary nonsense have to do with FITNESS? 


Well, kiddos, it's a metaphor. Many people think that getting fit is like baking: scientific, complex and exact. I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. Your path to fitness can be as quick, easy and fun as cooking up a delicious stir-fry dinner. All you need is a solid blueprint, a little creativity, and to listen to what your body is craving today. 

My goal with all of my clients is to help them learn how to confidently improvise on a workout "recipe," so that they can adapt to whatever the day throws at them and still stay on track with their fitness goals. 

Interested in learning how to become the head chef of your own fitness? Contact me to set up a consultation (in person or via video chat!)


Happy cooking!